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   AYC TESOL is a 120 hour full time in class program accordance with the Thailand Ministry of Education's regulations for being a legal teacher in Thailnad. In addition, only 120 hour in class TESOL Courses are recognized in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and most other countries around the world as a valid teaching certificate.

The course will be:

         o 120 hours of in class teacher preparation. Some of the topics are classroom management techniques, grammer review, lesson planning,

         o 10-hours of teaching practice, with actual ESL students and with classmate.

The course is made up of 4 Units with a total of 10 modules, no written examinations.


What The Course Covers
The course covers the topics that any would-be teacher needs to know about TESOL. The course deals with:

         o language (English grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary)

         o the basic principles of TESOL

         o the teaching of reading and listening

         o the teaching of speaking and writing

         o making and using visual aids

         o the interpretation of student errors

         o classroom management

         o preparing lesson plans


A 4 Unit Course Leading To The Certificate In TESOL / TEFL
INTESOL Thailand offers a fully accredited 120+ hour TESOL certificate with a high quality academic content which is not only respected by employers, but also provides the perfect platform from which to begin or extend your career teaching English abroad.

Unit 1: Self Study Unit
At the end of this unit you will:

         o know the importance of planning your study

         o know that there are ways of working which aid your memory

         o have set out a timetable for your course

         o have given yourself the best chance of fulfilling your potential


Unit 2: The Study Of English


At the end of this module you will:

          o be able to find your way around grammar

         o have more understanding of grammatical terminology

         o understand the importance of knowing grammar

         o understand the importance of knowing grammar


Pronunciation, Stress and Intonation
At the end of this module you will:

         o understand the importance of teaching pronunciation

         o have some ideas on how to do this


At the end of this module you will:

          o have more understanding of the difficulties ESOL students face in their choice of vocabulary

         o understand the importance of teaching appropriate language

         o have a basic understanding of the formation of words and their relationships

         o have begun to think more deeply about the language you are going to teach


Unit 3: Basic Principles Of TESOL
At the end of this module you will:

          o have a basic understanding of the principles of good ESOL teaching

         o understand the importance of a caring environment in the classroom

         o know why lack of consideration of these principles could hinder language production and progress

         o understand the need for communicative teaching

         o have some idea of the concept of communication versus correctness


Listening And Reading
At the end of this module you will:

          o be able to identify a range of skills needed for successful

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